Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How to Make Chevron Letters

One of the most fun experiences of my life was not finding out what we were having with our second baby.  I was so convinced we were having a boy that we painted the baby room a gorgeous gray-blue.  We thought that in the off chance we had a girl, we could just "girl it up" with some pink.

Well, a baby girl and six months later, we finally got around to adding some splashes of pink to Ellie's blue room!

My sister spotted these pretty chevron letters on Pinterest and sent me the pin.  I knew the minute I saw it that I had to make one for my sweet girl!  Plus, it was super cheap to make.  Always a plus in this house.

Wood Letter (I used a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby- ran me about $2)
 Painter's Tape (I actually ran out and had to use masking tape)
Burlap if you'd like to add a rosette
Ribbon or Twine if you want to hang it up

1.  The first thing you need to do is paint your letter the base coat.  Paint it the lighter color (in my case it was vintage white).  Let it dry.

2.  Draw a very faint line down the middle both horizontally and vertically of your letter.  Next draw lines to the right and left of the vertical line (measure them to make sure they're equal).  Do the same for above and below your horizontal line, but add 3-4 lines.  The goal is to make small rectangles.

2.  Next, using a ruler you need to draw lines moving from the top left of each rectangle to the bottom right, then from the bottom left to the top right.  The key is to draw as light as you possibly can so it easily erases!  You could even try just taping it without drawing the lines.  I needed to visually see it before I taped it which is why I drew them.  Also, I realized afterward that it's easiest to draw the diagonal lines on the complete rectangles first.  Then do the ones that aren't a full rectangle.  You can base the lines off the complete ones.  (Hope that makes sense!)

3.  The next part is the most tedious.  You need to tape the lines so your lines aren't all wavy and uneven when you go to paint them.  Then you can paint away!  Don't go overboard with the paint, though, or it could bleed underneath the tape.

4.  Slowly remove the tape once your paint has dried.  Add a rosette if you'd like!  I hot-glued twine to the back so I could easily hang the letter up on Ellie's wall.  I also roughed up the edges just a little bit with sandpaper.

This could easily be my favorite Pinterest project so far.  I LOVE how it turned out, it only cost a few bucks, and it was done in no time at all.  Plus, Ellie's room is finally looking a little more feminine!

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